About Us

Roasting Australia Holdings Pty Limited core business function is the manufacture of gourmet coffee.

Café Palazzo is Roasting Australia’s own brand of gourmet coffee. Café Palazzo Coffee has always been focus on providing Real Coffee, Real Easy.

All our coffee beans are sourced from high quality plantations in select parts of the world.

These coffee beans are then carefully blended, roasted, and packed with freshness at our state of the art Roasting and Packing facility located in Sydney.

The ethos behind our state of the art facility and the coffee beans that pass through it is to deliver our customers a perfectly fresh cup of coffee.

Because we believe that what we do is as important as how we do it, we are proud to ensure sustainable farming methods, conservation, and fair wages for coffee farmers through a close association with the Rainforest Alliance.

We have two broad ranges – Flavour Coffees and Specialty Coffees.

Our specialty coffees have great credentials – many have won medals in prestigious fine food and coffee competitions.

The uniqueness of our flavoured coffees helps to ensure that no matter who you are, you will enjoy our coffee.


Roasting Australia Holdings Ltd Pty
11 Hoyle Avenue, Castle Hill NSW Australia 2154
Tel: 02 9846 0900
Fax: 02 9899 1628
ACN: 600 072 688 | ABN: 4560 007 688