Quality Systems Manager


Scott, on a recent trip to Nicaragua visiting Rainforest Alliance Coffee Farms

Scott joined the team that brings you Café Palazzo Coffee in 2005, over 9 years ago! Scott has been in the coffee industry for 35 years.

Scott’s role as the Quality Systems Manager sees him ensuring the quality of all of the Café Palazzo products produced. On a day to day basis Scott’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the quality systems of the plant e.g. documentation, sampling, testing
  • Product cupping’s (tastings) – which can be several times a day to ensure  the Café Palazzo coffee produced is of the highest taste and quality standards
  • Production meetings to look at coffee production schedules and raw materials planning for the individual coffees.

What Scott likes about his role and working in the coffee industry:
Coffee is a great product to work with because it is so versatile. Developing new products allows you to experiment with different coffee combinations and roast colours. At Maranatha, we are fortunate enough to cup some of the best coffees from all over the world.

Scott’s favourite Café Palazzo coffee is: A Mocha Java as a Latte.