Rainforest Alliance

By sourcing Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee, we help ensure sustainable farming methods, conservation of the environment and dignified wages for farmers.

Roasting Australia’s Partnership with the Rainforest Alliance

We have established a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance since 2009 because we want to support a programme that is as wholistic as possible.

Partnering with the Rainforest Alliance is a tangible way of showing our commitment to the:

Environment – sound agricultural practices minimize the negative impact to the land
Wildlife – it also protects wildlife habitats in and around farms
Farmers & workers – are treated respectfully, paid fair wages, equipped & trained properly, have a cleaner and safer workplace and access to decent housing, education and health care

The Rainforest Alliance allows us to work closely with our producer partners to improve the quality of coffee available to us and to foster environmental and social improvements within the coffee community.

Our customers benefit when purchasing Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee as they can enjoy great tasting, high quality coffee and grown with care. Also feel good knowing that the coffee they’re drinking was grown in a farm that supports conservation, protects wildlife and the welfare of coffee farmers.
In this way we are able to combine sustainable & responsible practices with our ongoing commitment to exceeding our customers expectations.

A Holistic Program for Sustainability

In 1987 the Rainforest Alliance and the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) – a coalition of independent, non profit conservation groups, created the Rainforest Certification, in response to the threat posed to the environment, by agricultural expansion.
The network’s local groups – that understand the culture, ecology, farming traditions & governments in the areas they work – use market forces as a means of conserving tropical rainforests.
In 2007 sales of Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee, Bananas & Chocolate surpassed US$1billion – within 7 years 10% of world’s Coffee supply will be from RA Certified farms.

The certification is an ongoing process that begins with a preliminary (farm) site visit.
Based on the evaluation report, and subsequent changes made, the certification group then determines whether the farm merits certification.
To ensure ongoing improvements, farms are inspected every year, and must show continual progress.
So far, over 30,000 farming operations have been certified in 19 countries, benefiting some 2 million farmers, farm workers & their families, ensuring more than 400,000 hectares of tropical farmland is managed to conserve the natural resources & wildlife.

For more information visit http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/