All About Coffee

In Western cultures, coffee is three hundred years old, but in Eastern cultures it was widespread as a beverage, in every level of society, since earlier times. Coffee’s roots are widely debated; however the most famous account is the legend of Kaldi, a third century monk living in Ethiopia.

It is believed that Kaldi discovered the Arabica coffee bean, when he noticed his goats were more lively and frisky after eating cherries from a bush. Out of curiosity Kaldi tasted the cherries and enjoyed their stimulating effects so much, that he shared them with the other monks as a way to stay awake during prayer.

Initially, coffee was brewed from green, unroasted beans to yield a tea-like beverage. By the late 13th century, Arabs roasted and ground coffee before brewing, however it wasn’t until the end of the 15th century that roasting and crushing the coffee beans grew in acceptance.

Roast & Ground in Australia

After Italy, Australia has the highest penetration of Espresso coffee in the world – Italian immigration from 1945 – 72 helped establish this as the preferred coffee style out of home.

At home many Australians drink instant coffees, however Roast & Ground coffee has become the fastest growing sector of the market. Over the last 5 years consumption has increased by 28% as Australians move towards fresh coffee consumption at home with increased availability and convenience of modern coffee appliances.