Making Coffee

We recognize that one coffee does not suit all equipment.

That’s why Café Palazzo simplifies the selection and making of that great cup of coffee.

Our straight forward directions will step you through which particular product will be the right coffee and grind to suit your specific equipment and how you brew that perfect cup of fresh coffee.

So whether you are a novice who is looking for more than an instant coffee encounter or a connoisseur looking for a specialty cup, Café Palazzo will provide you the confidence to deliver Real Coffee… Real Easy

Grinding Coffee

Key to a good cup of coffee is to grind the beans fresh, as you need them. Choose the grind size that is right for your equipment: a COARSE grind will suit plungers, MEDIUM for filter and FINE for espresso and stovetop.

Alternatively, you can simply let us do the job for you: If you let us know which equipment you are using to brew your coffee, we will freshly grind it to the precise requirement for that style of coffee.

Brewing Coffee

Brewing a plunger coffee can be as easy and quick as making toast. For some, making a great Espresso is an art form. Let us show you how it is done.