Our Roasting Plant

For the roasting, the green coffee is drawn from the silos, weighed and transported to the state of the art Brambati roasters.

With their individual computers and printers they capture the entire roasting profile per batch of coffee roasted. They are modem linked to Brambati in Italy who can also monitor the performance of these roasters. Once the coffee beans have reached the desired roast colour and profile as determined by our Roast Master, the batch is discharged into the cooling tray.

Each and every blend and single origin has a specified roast profile designed to optimize the inherent coffee characteristic including aroma, flavour, body and strength.

Cooling to De-stoning

Once the beans have cooled, they are passed through an additional de-stoner and a series of magnets to ensure the highest quality is delivered into the holding silos. The freshly roasted beans are weighed prior to a gentle transfer into the silos, giving an accurate measure of the roasting loss during roasting.

Packaging Machinery

Our state of the art Toyo/Anritsu packaging line was recently commissioned and accurately fills, seals and prints pre-formed re-closeable ziplock bags fitted with one-way freshness valves.
This automated line has the facility to nitrogen flush our coffee to ensure the freshness of the finished product.

Additionally, we have Dolzan Form Fill and Seal Machines, capable of packaging whole bean, ground and flavoured coffees. These are also state of the art, with their own printers, date and batch coders, together with valve applicators, and with provision for purging the bag prior to sealing with Nitrogen to eliminate any air that is trapped within the bag.

The capacity of these machines allows a packaging range from 50g to 1kg.

Flavoured Coffees

Flavouring is carried out after the roasting cycle in a flavouring drum. The beans are coated with the pre-determined amount of flavour and the drum is tumbled for 6 minutes. The flavoured coffee beans are then packed in a room separate from unflavoured coffees to ensure the integrity of the unflavoured coffee.

Quality Certifications

We pride ourselves on our high quality and our quality certifications reinforce our desire to operate in a clean and safe environment. Our site is HACCP certified and is also a NASAA.

Organic Certified Processor.

Our membership of The Packaging Covenant ensures that we take our role in protecting the environment seriously and we constantly look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have invested heavily in pollution control equipment and our afterburners ensure that only clean air is released into the atmosphere.

Cafe Palazzo prides itself on working together safely and efficiently in a clean environment to produce exceptional quality coffee.