French Vanilla Coffee 1KG

French Vanilla Coffee 1KG

(14 customer reviews)


A fresh medium roasted coffee infused and blended with the rich, smooth and creamy flavour of delectable French Vanilla.

An enticing sweet-smelling aroma, our French Vanilla coffee offers a wonderful sweet addition to that relaxing time out and the perfect accompaniment to that biscuit treat.

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14 reviews for French Vanilla Coffee 1KG

  1. debbie

    Love this coffee – we just have to have some in the cupboard. We usually mix it for a smooth after-dinner coffee. Expresso + french vanilla is wonderful.

  2. jenny

    Love their coffee drink it all the time.

  3. mark (verified owner)

    Just ordered my next two 1kg bags of Vanilla bean we luv it.

  4. Ronnie

    We absolutely love this coffee. Perfect flavour!

  5. forreal (verified owner)

    There’s no better coffee!

  6. aboo (verified owner)

    I have been ordering the French Vanilla Coffee for the past FIVE years, the coffee standard is the same through out the time.
    Means the Quality control there is very good.

    I recommend this to anyone who want to have coffee with a smooth after taste.

  7. kappn1 (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering French Vanilla Coffee for the past 3 years now.Every batch pleasingly delivers the same “ahaa” experience.

  8. robyn (verified owner)

    Great flavour and that’s why I keep ordering. Robyn

    • Cafe Palazzo (verified owner)

      Thank you Robyn. Great to hear your enjoying our Café Palazzo coffee

  9. Tony McCabe

    Just Terrific Coffee.

    • Cafe Palazzo (verified owner)

      Thanks Tony. Great to hear your enjoying our coffee

  10. Janet de Castro Lopo

    I love this. But it’s not stocked at David Jones any longer and out of stock herr. Have you discontinued the product? Thanks.

    • Cafe Palazzo (verified owner)

      Hi Janet, We have just restocked a fresh batch of French Vanilla which is now available online. David Jones may have stopped stocking Café Palazzo products in their stores. One of our distributors also provides to some IGA Supermarkets. Otherwise, purchasing online would be your best option.

  11. Tony McCabe

    The best coffee in the business.

  12. It’s a pity there is no one to talk to about product anymore. I have been ordering this coffee for years. Telephone contact details say the number no longer exists sending a message on line requires a club membership number? WOW What gives. Where is the

    Why the new clandestine process to the business, no phone contact!
    Left a message still no reply from Roasting Australia.
    Marantha’s number on the website is null and void, I used to order through them for years
    How can I do business when there is no one to talk to…..not confident with your service any more.

    • Cafe Palazzo (verified owner)

      Apologies for the inconvenience. You can contact us either by phone on 02 9894 2177 or email

  13. Dale (verified owner)

    This is very nice coffee,I like the smell and taste of Vanilla combined with lovely coffee,this will be a #1 with me for a long time,just love it.

  14. Carla Hepburn

    Never drink anything else at home! I get 2 kgs at a time and mix it with espresso.Yum!!

    • Cafe Palazzo (verified owner)

      Thanks Carla. French Vanilla is definitely a fan favourite.

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