Roasted Hazelnut Coffee 1KG

Roasted Hazelnut Coffee 1KG

(13 customer reviews)


Infusing a subtle sweet and nutty flavour with the medium roasted, central American sourced coffee beans.

Our roasted hazelnut flavoured coffee is a smooth drinking coffee experience with a deliciously enticing nutty aroma which will draw you right in…

A great accompaniment to those morning and afternoon tea breaks or that special after-dinner treat.

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13 reviews for Roasted Hazelnut Coffee 1KG

  1. vincejulia (verified owner)

    Delightful flavour, an ideal “first up in the morning” or after dinner party experience.

  2. Heather

    An amazing coffee to wake up to. As the aroma floats down the hallway to the bedroom and stirs you from sleep awaking your senses you can’t wait for the first sip to get you day going. You realise you are in the best place on earth, with the things you value in life, an outstanding amazing flavoured coffee, an awesome wonderful man and a family you adore. What more could you ask for.

  3. Clare

    Have been using this coffee exclusively now for perhaps 6-8yrs and hate to think of being without it. You make ordering so easy and I’m thankful I found this coffee (via my nose! – following the heavenly scent and demanding to know where I could get some!). Starts every day for me in a marvellous, comforting aromatic waft that’s equalled by the flavour!

  4. Michel


  5. jill (verified owner)

    LOVE this coffee – it has been our daily drink for years now and our visitors all comment on how nice it is.
    New discovery – try it as a SPARKLER – add a double shot over chilled SanPel. mineral water and ice. Strangely delicious!!

  6. Michael

    FINALLY I can order this online when I have been relying on my local IGA Store who were hopeless at replenishing stock. If you have not tried the Roasted Hazelnut……it is AWESOME!!! The aroma…….refreshing and just AWESOME, again!

  7. bcmckie (verified owner)

    We have been drinking the Roasted Hazelnut coffee for more than 10 years buying it when we could find it at the supermarkets. It is fantastic that we can are now able to buy it on line. A day would not be the same with out the superb aroma fill the house yum.

  8. heather (verified owner)

    Love the coffee

  9. Margitta

    We found it in an out off Date Shop he run out never could find it again so a Googled and found this side wonderful now we can buy it and Drink the best Coffee we ever tasted , just love it thank you so much we get our next Door Neighbours shouting Margitta is has Coffee on the Aroma is awesome the taste even better

  10. Clare

    Devoted to this coffee for about 10 years. The only coffee I have, both at home and work – have never tried any of the others, as this is my idea of perfection. My day hasn’t started without one. Thanks for making it so easy to be supplied for this essential!

  11. lyn (verified owner)

    No other coffee quite compares to this especially first thing in the morning. I have been drinking Roasted Hazelnut for many years now and hope there never comes a time when it is not available. My favourite part of the day is my first cup of Roasted Hazelnut sitting on the veranda watching & feeding the birds with my husband. Thank you Cafe Palazzo.

    Lyn – November 2016

    • Cafe Palazzo

      Thanks Lyn. Happy to hear you wake up with our coffee.

  12. Catherine (verified owner)

    Love this coffee 🙂

    • Cafe Palazzo

      Thanks Catherine. We’re glad your loving our coffee.

  13. Lyn Richardson (verified owner)

    For many years now I have been drinking Cafe Palazzo Roasted Hazelnut and nothing else compares. It is still my favourite way to start the day.

    • Cafe Palazzo (verified owner)

      Hi Lyn…Great to hear you wake up with our coffee!

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